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WATCH YOUR CLASS POINTS SOAR THROUGHOUT THE WEEK!! SENIORS IN THE LEAD…JUST BARELY… SEE PHOTOS of the Friday WesWars Games on the hill Events Points Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Tug of War 1000 – – – 2X 10-Legged Race 1000 X – – – Frisbee Long-Toss 1000 – X ¬† – Fastest 6 Person Pyramid […]

Scavenger Hunt Online Registration

CELL PHONE SCAVENGER HUNT  РFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, USDAN COURTYARD, 9 P.M. Pre-register here Kudos to the Freshman Class who already has 1 strong team assembled! *Teams of 5-8 seem to work best. You will need 1 cell phone per team, i-phones work best. No limit to the number of teams per class.